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Compact Boot & Shoe Dryer

Compact and Ready to Go To Work Drying Your Footwear

  • No Assembly Required – Just Plug It In
  • Blows Temperature-Perfect Warm Air to Protect Footwear
  • Quiet Running Fan
  • Timer Dial Shut-Off Saves Energy
  • Extendable Dryer Arms
  • Fold Down for Easy Storage
  • 2 year warranty

Start Up

  1. Place on flat surface
  2. Use 120 V outlet
  3. Raise dryer arms to lock in place (see left arm base locking clip)
  4. Set timer to drying time starts fan motor
  5. Place wet footwear on dryer arms

Shut Down

  1. Remove dried footwear
  2. Unplug from outlet
  3. Lower arm extensions (see top of each arm; press down)
  4. Lower dryer arms (pull locking clip forward)
  5. Store for next use


  1. Keep away from children and animals; surface can be hot
  2. Don’t use with footwear or garments dripping or soaked
  3. Keep away from water or flammable materials
  4. Keep all electrical parts in good repair; no fraying or damage
  5. Use only in polarized outlet (one plug prong wider)
Part No: 54177
UPC: 013977541773
Unit Meas: 11.2″ L x 7.5″ W x 3.9″ H
Unit wt: 2.2 lbs
Package: 6 master carton
Case Meas: 24.2” L x 8.1” W x 11.8” H
Case Wt: 13.2 lbs
HTS #: 8451.29.0010
NMFC: 61565
Class: 200